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"Is there anything more powerful (or rare) than a straight answer?

You know, an answer that isn't designed to sell you a product or service or a point of view—an answer that's designed to give you unbiased information.

Based on unbiased information, you then decide what's good for you, not good for the seller.

Isn't that the type of information you want-and need?

Well, you'll get that information right here, at Mamta Federal Credit Union's
FoolProof Consumer Education Portal.

FoolProof is about empowering you with unbiased information on many topics.

We'll even give you information on products and services that
have nothing to do with Mamta Federal Credit Union.

See if we're telling the truth!

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Please make your choice:
  1. Information Edge
    An online newspaper that tells the truth without ads. IE provides you straight answers and unbiased information on dozens of consumer issues.

  2. FoolProof for Parents and Grandparents
    A web-driven financial education program for parents to use with your teen-aged kids or grand kids.

  3. FoolProof Solo
    A complete financial education program for college-aged people and young adults.

  4. FoolProof for High Schools
    A financial education program for high schools. The online modules feature young people, self-grading tests, and include support materials for 9 45-minute classroom sessions.

  5. CUHQ website for Young People
    FoolProof’s year-round consumer website for young people. Get a heads-up on the real world as you head to college or a job.

  6. FoolProof WorkPlace
    The FoolProof WorkPlace program is created to help consumers who enter the workplace directly without going to college or even graduating from high school. The program is designed for use by instructors in special education classes, alternative high schools, career and technical schools, and charter schools. Businesses who employ a large number of young workers may also find this program useful.